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Embrace Change

At PCS, we know it’s important to fully understand your business, expectations and project goals before mapping our plan to exceed your expectations.

Change happens…we intentionally plan for it! We guide you through any unfamiliar situations, demands and changing roles. Change is an opportunity; we stay receptive to new, evolving ideas. Our talented team, proven processes and best-of-breed technologies, deliver the advanced technology and deep expertise to position your business to reach your ultimate business goals.

Data Center Networking Collaboration Cloud Management & Organization Security

Let’s Embrace Change –

Data Center

Nowhere in technology have more advancements been made recently than in data center & storage. We strive to help you leverage these technologies, along with your existing assets, to keep your data secure and highly available at the lowest costs possible.

Converged Infrastructure
The new standard for a traditional datacenter. Converged Infrastructures deliver standardized and engineered solutions for compute, network and storage for your datacenters.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure
The datacenter re-imagined; Hyper Converged Infrastructure technology can deliver enterprise class services commodity servers. With this new approach traditional scale problems and costly refreshes are a thing of the past.

Servers are once again the cornerstone of the datacenter! The core, memory and drive density delivered on a server today was unthinkable ten years ago. Because of these advancements, new solutions like HCI servers have become the future of the datacenter.

Flash drives have changed the industry. Today most of the storage providers are leveraging 15TB drives with rich data optimization services like inline, de-dupe and compression. Storage arrays can now provide performance, capacity and density without compromise.

Software Defined Storage
Image not needing a storage array. With a software defined storage solution we can solve storage capacity issues on community servers. Unleashing the power of your current datacenter.

Data Protection
Users, devices and data are everywhere! Data protection solutions have evolved from being locally focused to cloud based and can provide dynamic protection system recovery, on or off premises.


The sole purpose of computer networking is to share information (email, files, and documents), as well as resources (printers, internet access and storage), among all devices within an organization.

Networks today are vastly different than the those of 10, five, or even two years ago. PCS has been in the networking business from day one. So, we understand the need to adapt and keep up with the ever-changing technology innovations. Don’t leave something as important as networking to an amateur. Trust the experts at PCS with all your networking needs.

10Gb is the new 100Mb. Networking has advanced to 100Gb line rate switches and the Internet of Things (IOT) is pushing for even faster results. ​

10x the connection of devices. The IOT is changing the boundaries of connected devices as well as the importance of your wireless network.

Next Generation Firewalls​
Connecting users creates connected threats. Next generation firewalls leverage rich data services (Analytics, Antivirus, DLP and Antimalware) to prevent hidden attempts to compromise your data. ​

Software Define Networking (Layer 2/3)
Borderless connectivity without compromise. Today we can connect different sites on different networks, allowing us to move users and servers seamlessly without disruption. ​


Working together, people can achieve extraordinary things. Achieve your organization’s vision for collaboration today.

On-Premise Voice Solution​
Voice solutions have evolved to include a full range of collaboration tools: premium voice, video, messaging, instant messaging and presence, conferencing, video conferencing, contact center services, mobility capabilities. ​

Cloud-Based Voice Solution​
Advancements in collaboration solution enable, Voice, Video conferencing Web meeting, phone conferencing to be delivered as a single solution via hard phone and soft phone without the complexity of traditional solutions.


Cloud computing can be referred to as the storing and accessing of data over the internet rather than your computer’s hard drive. This means you don’t access the data from either your computer’s hard drive or over a dedicated computer network (home or office network). Cloud computing means data is stored at a remote place and is synchronized with other web information. At PCS, we know cloud and are ready to help you navigate through your options.

Office 365
Office 365 Business is the Office platform you know and love, on all devices you use most whenever you need it, and virtually wherever you are. ​

Could Infrastructure (Microsoft Azure)​
The new normal is to have a cloud strategy. But picking a cloud provider is as complex as building a data center. Microsoft’s Azure cloud provides you the flexibility and scale and can support any size enterprise or application. ​

Cloud Infrastructure Assessment​
Moving to the cloud doesn’t need to me a mystery. To enable your Cloud initiatives, we provides a cloud assessment with detailed reporting and cost analysis. Once we define what should move and can provide the tools to make the switch. ​

Open DNS​
Securing beyond the firewall, enabling users to be users and enabling your business to keep running and preventing ransomware and hackers from getting in. ​

Colo – Sungard​
Sungard delivers the staff and state-of-the-art data center facility, complete with heating, cooling, power and network connectivity so you don’t have to be in the datacenter business. Delivering you the highest levels of redundancy needed for always-on business. ​

Management & Optimization

These tools enable you to deliver better applications faster regardless of cloud, infrastructure or architecture.

A VMware Suite of software and cloud management platform that delivers a complete solution for managing a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud.​

What’s on your IT road map? Cloud? Hyper-converged? PaaS? Containers? Do you have to consolidate data centers? It’s all moot if you aren’t assuring performance. With real-time automatable workload placement, sizing and provisioning decisions that ensure applications get the resources they need to perform.​


Many security policies in businesses fail because they do not consider the importance of people as a key part of policy. It is not enough to focus on information technology itself. Procedures must be created that respect your employees as they interact with any part of the information systems they are using. PCS has invested in offering solutions to address today’s security challenges in the market by providing and integrating a host of solutions from multiple vendors.

Malware Protection
Cyber threats are more sophisticated then you can imagine. Today’s security platforms are leveraging advanced analytics to detect suspicious activities and keep your information safe from the data terrorist. ​

Next Generation Firewalls​
The new standard for network firewalling provides true multilayer protection with contextual awareness through passive network detection. This way, they can detect multi-vector threats and automate a defense response.​

How well do you know your data? With Varonis you will have the visibility to protect your sensitive data from Insider Threats, Abusive administrator or Ransomware.

PCS Security Assessment Services
PCS Security Assessment Services are designed to improve and optimize customer’s existing IT environment, identify critical issues and map them to potential solutions as well as plan for upgrades and upcoming deployments. In a security risk assessment, our experts will help you assess and identify areas of weakness and modify your security posture to address them.

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