Well-Travelled Managed Services

Our Simple Process

We focus on keeping the process simple when implementing international services – see for yourself.

1 Receive an accurate, instant and detailed quote including duties & taxes.
2 Go through a detailed compliance review before your goods are shipped.
3 Prepare your documentation and international shipping.
4 Experience efficient & transparent customs clearance.
5 Receive White Glove & Professional local delivery.

What are Importers of Record (IOR)?

The Importer of Record (IOR) is responsible for ensuring that compliance requirements are met when importing goods internationally.

IOR Specialists Provide:

  • Bulk discounts on local procurement from your own vendor
  • Shorter hardware lead times when procuring centrally
  • No local entity is required at the destination when importing
  • No loss of control over your transaction when using a foreign channel partner
  • Configure and stage good prior to deployment
  • Avoid transfer pricing and the complexities of permanent establishments

We provide IOR Capablities in 200+ countries & territories worldwide.

Global Managed Services

Bridge the gap between countries and cultures under a shared necessity: managed services. Everyone, everywhere, deserves to feel protected in their digital environment. Managed services include cloud strategies, data, network, and security services, 24/7 support, computer and application, management and more.

By providing managed services to countries worldwide, you’re expanding your company’s horizons globally too. You’re able to gain empathy and knowledge by working with worldwide clients, and expand your network outside of US borders. PCS is happy to provide you with managed services from anywhere in the world.

International Project Impletation

We won’t let time zone differences or language barriers divide us. Our differences should always be celebrated, and there’s no better way to learn than from each other. Together, we can create an IT project that suits your company.

Need International Services?

PCS embraces working with global clients. As a female Hungarian-American owned business, we know a thing or two about working with anyone, from anywhere in the world. Contact us to chat about what international services we can provide for you.