Zero-Worry Project Hand Off

You need professional services if…

  • Your IT team is struggling to meet project deadlines.
  • You need help sourcing expertise or additional staff.
  • Your organization is growing.
  • You’re planning to deploy new hardware or new solutions or technologies.
  • You need guidance on your journey to the cloud.
  • You want your team to focus on overall strategy vs. day to day operations.
  • You’re failing to successfully introduce new (but needed)
    complexities to your environment.
  • Your end users are not using the tools you’ve purchased effectively.
  • Your end users need help with adopting new technologies.

You should choose PCS because…

  • Our extensive discovery phase helps us develop a deep understanding of your project goals.
  • You can leverage our experts when you need them without worrying about long-term staffing.
  • We customize design, implementation, adoption and training to your needs.
  • Our certified engineers provide expert consulting and knowledge.
  • We have over 30 years of experience in aiding our clients in hyper-complex situations.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“PCS is the perfect Swiss Army Knife when it comes to knowing and doing it all.”

– Senior Manager, Large CT State Public School System

“From the onset of scoping out the project all the way to the deployment, PCS kept communication at a maximum and cost at a minimum by ensuring they understood the overall vision and expectations of the firm.”

– IT Director, Law Firm

Engagement Types

Project and Program Management




Enterprise Agreement Enablement



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