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About PCS

For more than 25 years PCS has evolved with our clients to exceed their business goals. We continuously innovate to provide services aligned with our clients’ needs. Through frequent collaboration we build and execute a strategy to transform your business and share accountability.

The Experts That Know Us Want to Work For Us

In fact, many of our employees today are former executives from industry-leading manufactures.
From the very first conversation, our internal team, engineers and other experts participate in hiring only the best. By hiring and investing in the top innovators, we ensure that our technology solutions work for you.

We Build Teams Around You

It’s our people that really make us unique and differentiate us.
We build our ecosystem around the creativity and knowledge of our internal team. Our synergy allows us to deliver a better solution than what would be possible with any individual employee. The collective knowledge and experience we share combines for a truly powerful tool in your technology solutions arsenal.

We Won’t Guess

We start with understanding your unique challenges.
When it comes to applying technology to your business needs, we won’t come to the table with a preconceived solution. We’ll work to truly understand your challenges before engineering an outcome.

We Understand the Difference Between Hearing and Listening

Everyone hears what you’re saying.
We’re actively listening to differentiate between what’s being asked for and what you need to be successful. Our expertise and experience allow us to read between the lines to enable a better outcome.

We Celebrate Your Wins

Our success is tied to your success.
That’s probably why 24% of our customers have been with us for more than 10 years. As your technology allies, we take every care to the best plan and shared expertise. Whether collaborating on the golf course or celebrating in a board room, we will always work to ensure the best possible experience with us.

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